Data Reception & Data Creation (SOP’s)
"Preflight" incoming data          Colour management policies
Generate & handle PDF data

Soft Proof and Display
World’s best hardware controlled display from--Quato,
germany (Monitor Revaluation - Bi monthly for Drift & Calibration Control)

Standard IIIumination
Color Evaluation Parameters.      Light Source Decay & Control Labs.

Workflow & CTP Evaluation
Kodak TS 800III square spot CTP .
Prinergy workflow for PDF/x data for data Exchange.

Our printing facility is equipped with Heidelberg press with semiautomatic press side measurement system. Printing machines 2 Color Planeta size 28” 40”. 6 color + coater Heildelberg, Planeta 6 color the size 28” 40”. Print Capability - 60 gsm to 500 gsm board. Capability of Print on PVC. Online UV Coater-Dryer. PVC or mettalized polyster (Plain & Holographik film) with UV inks. Spectrophotometer (SPM) measure the Lab values on the machine itself to give consistent results through out the print run. Hexachrome printing capability through Frequency modulated (FM) as well as angular modulate (AM) screen generally used for specialized jobs.